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J. Camarda
Camarda Wealth Advisory Group
4371 Highway 17
Suite 201
Fleming Island, FL 32003

Office: 904-278-1177
Fax: 904-278-1070
Email: jcamarda@camarda.com
Website: camarda.com

Practice Areas
  • Non-Attorney Professional
J. Camarda, CFP®, CHFC™, CLU, CFA®, CFS™, BCM, EA
Founder & Chairman
Chief Investment Officer

J. Camarda - a veteran of the investments profession for a quarter-century - was never satisfied with what clients got from the status quo of the investment "advisory" business, mostly brokerage accounts and investment products. It constantly seemed to him that the odds were stacked against clients and that the interests of the firms and their salespeople always came first. It also seemed that recommendations were more about commissions and product sales than building portfolios that were genuinely designed to serve clients. Watching this as he worked as a broker and later a financial planner - while enhancing his expertise through continuing education - he concluded that two fundamental changes were needed to truly serve the wealth needs of clients: 1) a fee-based, fiduciary relationship dedicated to putting clients first, and 2) a workable client-customized portfolio management system that seeks to maximize returns and minimize risk. The result was Invest in Integrity® Camarda Wealth and our exclusive ISIS® investment process.
Additional Information
Wealth Management, investment advisory services, proprietary estate and asset protection planning, taxes, business owner and executive planning.